Dave Short’s Cafe Jazz Corner: A Chat with Grant Levin

A News Cafe published an interview with Grant Levin by Dave Short, right after the release of Grant’s 3rd album from Beezwax Records.

“Despite being a member of the “under 30” group of upcoming  musicians, Grant Levin is already an  accomplished jazz pianist and a very productive composer. “

There is always a story behind a composed track, or record. On the question why the name Riego, of this 3rd album, Grant’s response was:
“One of my greatest musical influences is the work of the Cuban pianist Gonsalo Rubalcava. I was listening to one of his albums over and over at the same time that I was composing my album. Rubalcava was on the stereo, as usual, while I was driving my car, and I saw a big road sign that said only “riego”. It struck me that that needed to be the name of the album.”

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