CD Releases:

  1. GRANT LEVIN TRIO, “The Bust”, (Beezewax Records 2003)
  2. GRANT LEVIN TRIO with LORI BELL, “Grant Wishes” (Beezewax Records 2006)
  3. GRANT LEVIN  “Riego”, (Beezewax Records 2008)
  4. Dave Bendigkeit, Grant Levin, Akira Tana, Chris Amberger, “Keepers of the Flame”  (2013 Jazz Mind Records)

Side-Man Collaborations:

  1. Live at the Hillside Club, The Erik Jekabson Quartet & John Santos with Grant Levin, John Wiitala& Smith Dobson, Jekab’s Music 003, 2014
  2. Keepers of the flame, TheKeepers of the flame (Dave Bendigkeit, Grant Levin, Akira Tana, Chris Amberger), Jazz Mind Records (2013)
  3. The Noel Jewkes Quartet (2012)
  4. Homespun, Brian Bowman, Fred Randoph, Grant Levin, Independent (2011) – CD BABY via Fred
  5. Something Cool, Wanda Stafford featuring Grant Levin (piano), Lorca Hart (drums), Noel Jewkes (Sax), Chris Amberger (bass), Bob Switzer (trumpet), Winc Productions 2011 (
  6. Hawkeye, Sam Bevan, Brian Bowman, Masaru Koga, Grant Levin, Independent (2010) – CD Baby via Sam Bevan