SF Chronicle Coverage: Vinyl record shop with live jazz hips up…

“… Outer Richmond.

Mom-and-pop stores are dying, but a mom-and-son record store and art gallery has sprung to life in the Outer Richmond.

Called Noise, it combines the hippie vibe of Sara Johnson, 58, with the hepcat cool of her son Daniel A.J. Brown, who is 27 and blows the tenor sax. They opened their shop last fall to sell vinyl in a shoe-box-shaped storefront that glows from the weak red neon of the Balboa Theatre nearby.

Walk into Noise and you will be in the 1940s-’50s if Brown is spinning bebop and the 1960s-’70s if his mom is spinning rock from the San Francisco scene she grew up in. There are vintage turntables for sale in a glass case and a working one on the glass countertop. […]

On Sunday afternoons, all three are in the store to host a jazz jam that is drawing musicians and fans from all over the city and the Bay Area beyond.”

Read the complete coverage: San Francisco Chronicle article and video, by Sam Whiting published April 12 2016.

Here featuring Grant Levin piano, Lukas Vesely bass, Rob Mills drums, Dan Brown sax from April 10, 2016.

Media: Kat Duncan
Featured photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez, The Chronicle

Noise is a great addition to the San Francisco record store and live jazz scene. It has a great selection and cozy atmosphere. Swinging, straight ahead jazz with an unpretentious vibe! A cultural treasure.
Grant Levin