Grant Levin Quartet at the Bird and Beckett

San Francisco, CA, USA

Bird & Beckett Books and Records

5:30 PM

Grant Levin Quartet - w/Francis Vanek, Chris Amberger, Rodney Ruckus
Fri, March 9, 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Write up by the Bird and Beckett:

Francis Vanek, saxophone
Grant Levin, piano
Chris Amberger, bass
Rodney Ruckus, drums

This quartet reflects a web of personal and musical connections that is both immediate (Chris and Grant started working with Ruckus just a few short months ago) and long-term (Chris and Francis go way back).

In the solid midrange, Chris (a veteran player who was present at the birth of free jazz in Oakland in the late 1960s) was instrumental in recognizing Grant’s potential while Grant was still a college student in Reno and did a lot to facilitate Grant’s entry into the San Francisco jazz scene a decade ago. Since then, it’s jazz history in the making!

Venue Details

653 Chenery St.
San Francisco, CA 94131