Grant Levin Quartet, featuring Jonathan Bautista , Walter Savage and Jeff Minnieweather.

San Francisco, CA, USA

Bird & Beckett Books and Records

7:30 PM

"7:30-10 pm: Grant Levin leads a quartet, featuring Jonathan Bautista on tenor sax, Walter Savage on bass and Jeff Minnieweather on drums. This date will knock your socks off. Walter Savage was a key bass player on the Bay Area scene for decades before trying a self-imposed exile with his wife to Arkansas — that experiment was successful enough, but the Bay Area has drawn them back and now they’re established in Vallejo, with Walter driving into the city for any good gigs that come his way..." Eric, owner at Bird & Beckett Books and Records. Read more here:

Venue Details

653 Chenery St.
San Francisco, CA 94131