Self-Immolation – Jazz Combustion Uprising, D. Elaine Alt

Jazz Combustion Uprising, D. Elaine Alt
Jazz: Hard Bop


Fiery compositions, equal parts innovation and dedication, with blistering solos and a vintage rooted sound.

Album notes

These works are original compositions by David “Elaine” Alt, but they draw on a rich tradition of Jazz greats, who are indicated after each title [ in brackets. ] Sometimes the inspirations are from very specific songs or instrumental approaches, and sometimes the influences are overlapping and distilled.

These artists whose influence is most apparent are listed to provide a point of departure. We proudly honor, embrace and attempt to channel the diverse Jazz tradition, while staking out our own ground.

Please visit the website for more information about the recordings, artists and sheet music (published by Aural Imaging, BMI.)

I hope you enjoy this music, and please get in touch.

D. Elaine Alt