Grant Levin is a San Francisco-based contemporary pianist and composer who performs in various configurations from intimate settings to concert halls and festivals. His style showcases the piano as an infinitely dynamic instrument, allowing the listener to experience the sonic blend.

Levin has worked with numerous renowned bandleaders including: Noel Jewkes, Dayna Stephens, Eric Wyatt, John Santos, Howard Wiley, and many other greats. He has performed at notable music venues such as: Joe Henderson Lab (SFJAZZ Center), Black Cat (SF), Bird and Beckett (SF), The Soundroom (Oakland), Mildred Owen Concert Hall (Pacifica).

discography includes
  • “Legacy” Steve Heckman, 2016
  • “From Me to You With Love” Don Allen Hunley with Charles Thomas, Malachi Whitson, 2016
  • “Exotica” Kay Kostopolous with Noel Jewkes, 2016
  • “A Red Thread of Destiny” Dear Home Duet (Johanna Nilsson and Grant Levin), 2015
  • “Cheap Rent” Electric Squeezebox Orchestra, 2015
  • “Two For the Road” Molly Mahoney, 2015
  • “Inter Umtrumque” Grant Levin (piano), Chris Amberger (bass), Rufus Haereiti (drums), Greg D’Augelli (soprano sax), 2015
  • “Live at the Hillside Club” with The Erik Jekabson Quartet & John Santos with Grant Levin, John Wiitala & Smith Dobson, 2014
  • “Noel Jewkes Quartet, Vol. II feat. Kay Kostopoulos & Grant Levin” with Chris Amberger, Adam Gay, Bryan Bowman, 2014
  • “The Changing Scene” Bay Tones Trio with Ollie Dudek, Omar Aran, and special guest Terrance Tony, 2014
  • “Jazz Combustion Uprising” David Elaine Alt, 2013
  • “Keepers of the Flame” with Dave Bendigkeit, Akira Tana, Chris Amberger, 2013
  • “Something Cool” Wanda Stafford with Noel Jewkes, Lorca Hart, Chris Amberger, Bob Switzer, 2011
  • “Homespun” with Fred Randolph, Bryan Bowman, 2011
  • “Hawkeye” with Sam Bevan, Masaru Koga, Bryan Bowman, 2010
  • “Cool Like The Breeze” Victor Martin and Allison Scull, 2010
  • “Riego” with Rocky Winslow, Greg D’Augelli, Chris Amberger, Rufus Haereiti, 2008
  • “Grant Wishes” with Lori Bell, 2006
  • “The Bust” with Rufus Haereiti, Hans Halt, 2003
  • “True Colors” Landrus Project, 2003
  • “Revenge” Keyser Soze, 2001
  • Michael Weiss (2008), Brooklyn, NY
  • David Ake (2001 – 2005), Reno, NV
  • James Winn (2000 – 2003), Reno, NV
  • Randy Porter (1998 – 1999), Reno, NV
  • Yumi Watanabe (1997 – 1998), Eureka, CA
  • John Raczka (1994 – 1997), Eureka, CA
  • Charles Cohen (1991 – 1993), Eureka, CA
  • Darius Brotman (1989 – 1991) Eureka, CA
  • David Steinberg (1986 – 1989) San Diego, CA